Real Estate Auction

allisonpitter-auctionAllison Pitter & Co is one of the most respected brands in real estate auction. Our clients include the leading commercial banks and mortgage companies. Types of real estate sold include residential, commercial, hotels, farm and raw land. 

We conduct auctions under contract for real estate agents, commercial banks and building societies, executors of estates or a seller who needs to dispose his property quickly. Potential buyers benefit from auctions as the winning bid is typically at or below market value and negotiations are minimal. The pre-auction materials are made available to all bidders so potential buyers are all equally informed. 

Sellers have distinct advantages when it comes to real estate auctions. When the property is sold, the buyer has committed to buy. In fact, those attending real estate auctions generally are interested in buying the property, so the audience of bidders can be seen as an audience of buyers. In addition, selling by auction results in a quick sale and the seller eliminates the need for showings and appointments.